Bellow you can find proposed framework & process for token allocation that makes sure we value contributors that are important for the long-term success. Since the DAO consists of a big group of individuals with different subjective experiences of what is valuable & fair this is our attempt of making the reward allocation process transparent & decentralised while providing ability to get involved regardless of your background, skill level, and availability.

1. For Everyone: Rewarded Engagement in Discord and Forum

We are using SourceCred - technology that makes it easy to track and reward engagement. Based on your participation and other's reaction to it, we will measure your credibility (Cred).

In short, we are tracking and rewarding:

  • Messages sent

  • Reactions sent & received

  • Sending and receiving props

  • Mentioning and being mentioned by

Please complete the onboarding at ShineDAO to start earning rewards automatically.

As seen in the [Proposal] SourceCred Integration & Rewards Distribution, we will start by distributing 10,000 DOD weekly.

2. For New or Passive Content Creators: Decentralised Content Creation Process

For new or passive content creators: You will get the opportunity to contribute with full creative freedom. The process bellow will prevent spreading information that is false or not aligned with the rest of the community. Please find useful resources for content in Marketing Material.

3. For Early Contributors in Our Guilds: 4% of Total DOD Supply

Coordinape is a tool to do just that allows us to reward each-other retroactively in decentralised way. Wanna participate?

  1. Check out the activities happening in our Notion

  2. See if you can help with any of existing Initiative🧑‍🚀 or create your own initiative! (please talk to points of contact)

  3. If you pass the trial, you will be invited to the guild and ready to benefit from early contributor allocation

4. Contributing to Core Development

Simply shoot a message describing how do you wish to contribute so we can arrange a plan accordingly.

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